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Our number one priority is ensuring that your part gets greased exactly how you want it, every single time.

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Custom Grease Dispensing Systems

Greasing Systems

Complete standard systems or custom systems

Industrial Grease Pump

Pumps & Reservoirs

Options that pump material from the original container as well as reservoirs are available.

Grease filter

Filters, Regulators, Air Removal

We offer filters in a variety of mesh ratings,  pressure regulators up to 6,000 psi, and our GUS system which ensures airless grease.

Single Shot Grease Dispensers


Ultra-precise, positive displacement dispensers are available along with continuous flow dispensers.

Electronic Pressure Sensor Icon


We carry devices that confirm volume, flow and pressure. Both analog and ultrasonic sensors are available with digital readout.

Grease Spray Gun Icon

Nozzles, Valves, Spray Guns

A variety of nozzles and valves are available. Devices can dispense beads, dots, sprays or something completely custom.

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No Project Too Big Or Too Small

We provide every level of dispensing equipment – from a simple repair kit for our GSS dispensers to a complete system to fully customized grease dispensing systems. We approach every project with the same attention to detail and precision engineering regardless of its size.

Looking for a quick purchase of a filter housing or high-heat pressure sensor? You can find those standard items on our e-Commerce pages.

If your system is more complex, we offer complete grease dispensing systems comprised of at least three parts: the source, the dispenser and the end point. Depending on how critical the application is, you may choose to add on a prepartion product or a confirmation device.

We analyze your material and surface, design a system with a focus on maximizing capacity, complete the build with our in-house CNC capabilities, test for repeatability and performance and offer outstanding service that ensures your success for the long haul.

The team at GP Reeves has collected decades of experience solving some of the biggest grease application challenges. We’ve partnered with a plethora of OEMs, integrators, distributors, and end users to create custom solutions for applications such as robotic rail greasing, lubrication of axle components, and grease applications for use with space technology. 

For a deep dive into grease dispensing, click the link below.

Years Established

Completed Projects

Latest Projects

car manufacturing plant


After recognizing an excess of wasted material, labor time, and mess during the lubrication of window actuator components, an automotive manufacturer asked GP Reeves for a dispensing solution to simplify their assembly process and make it more efficient. Our engineers configured a custom system that provided increased process control, cleanliness, accuracy, and effectiveness. 

Speed boat on the water


A recreational equipment manufacturer wanted to improve their marine development process. They had been using a hand-held syringe to apply grease, which proved unreliable and caused uneven application. As a solution, GP Reeves provided a customized dispensing system that increased production capacity, improved product quality, and increased assembly efficiency. 

medical caster wheels


 A medical manufacturer came to GP Reeves seeking an upgrade for machinery they had previously purchased. Our engineers were able to configure an upgraded system that integrated the original designs with cutting-edge technology to create a system that increased efficiency, established higher safety standards, and led to a greater production capacity.

We’ve Been Building For Over 50 Years

Founded in 1971, Gordon Reeves inspired his employees to value meaningful work and succeeding together. This mindset is still present today as the team of now 50+ employees develops cutting edge technologies to power multiple industries including agriculture, automotive, aerospace and many more. 

A commitment to relentless innovation, unwavering customer service, and precision engineering are at the core of our business, and we look forward to put those skills to work for your dispensing needs.

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Let’s Build Something Together

Have a complex dispensing problem? Great! Our team of engineers and machinists love a good challenge. Whether your system is small or large, standard or custom, we can build it.

What kind of pump does your system need?

Before selecting a grease pump, it’s important to determine how the grease will be purchased. Our single and dual post pumps are designed to work seamlessly with all common container sizes. In addition to container size, the viscosity of your grease is important to consider as some of our pumps are optimized for thicker materials. In addition to standalone pumps, we also offer reservoirs/regulators. Multiple grease reservoirs/regulators can be connected to or filled by a single grease pump which increases the possible dispensing systems from a singular grease source. 

What kind of grease preparation device do you need?

By utilizing grease preparation devices from GP Reeves, you will ensure that only clean, airless, grease with the correct pressure is delivered to your dispenser. Our variety of filters, regulators, and air removal processes work to maintain grease at the exact specifications of your dispensing needs. The use of grease preparation tools will facilitate ideal conditions for your material as it moves from source to dispense. 

Which type of dispenser will provide the most optimal dispense?

When choosing a grease dispenser to fit your production needs, it is crucial to identify dispense volume, shape, rate, and monitoring requirements.

GP Reeves has GSS dispensers for small, quick, output production. Our GPMD10000 series dispensers provide a medium output with low pressure characteristics. We also offer a GPMD3000 series if higher inlet pressure is required by your application. Our AA8 and AA1 dispensers are capable of dispensing a a wide range of volumes while detecting and rejecting grease containing air bubbles as well as monitoring dispense volume with a PLC.

What type of endpoint does your system require?

When dispensing grease, it’s important to consider shape, size, or pattern of your grease. Knowing the type of grease you’ll be using is also important. We have nozzles that can dispense as a spray, dots, or uniform beads. In addition to specific nozzles, there are also various valves that ensure material pressure is maintained throughout your entire dispensing system.

What kind of endpoint will you use for your dispense system?

When choosing grease confirmation devices, it is important to determine the most important aspects of your grease dispensing system. Whether that be flow, volume, and/or pressure, GP Reeves offers a variety of devices to confirm that material is dispensing the way it should be. We also offer standard and custom controller packages to provide the amount of control and monitoring desired. Remote support options are also available if it would be beneficial to have our service team available remotely. These devices allow a remote connection to equipment in use for extra support purposes and are available with systems that have a controller.

Fanuc icon

Authorized CNC System Integrator for FANUC

As a level two FANUC integrator, we adhere to high-quality standards in our integration projects, ensuring that installations, programming, and maintenance meet FANUC’s requirements.

ISO Certified


GP Reeves is committed to enhancing customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and relationship management.

UL Solutions Logo

UL 508B Certification

Our industrial control panels comply with the safety standards established by UL – a globally recognized safety certification company that sets industry-wide standards that cover aspects such as electrical safety, fire hazards, and mechanical risks.

Client Testimonials

“The GP Reeves team really took care of my grease dispensing challenges. They walked me through each step of the process and offered a solution unlike any other provided by [GP Reeves Competitor]. For a quality solution, I’d definitely recommend using GP Reeves.”

“The pump I received from GP Reeves completely changed the game for my assembly process. It’s reliable, efficient, and works better than I could’ve ever imagined. I’ll definitely be choosing GP Reeves for future dispensing projects.”

“We have an automated system from GP Reeves that’s given us the best oil dosage possible. We never have to worry about inconsistencies or error. Our engineers and operators can be confident with each oil dispense.”

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