Custom Tooling & Nesting Projects

Nesting capabilities ensure your production material is dispensed evenly on every required part while optimizing material usage and accuracy.  If you want to reduce material waste and increase throughput, talk with us about how a custom nesting system can level up your dispense system.

Fuel Filter Lubrication

This system utilizes spray nozzles for an even coating on the threads, seals, and O-rings of the filters, ultrasonic flow sensors to accurately measure the amount of flowing material, and part-in-place sensors provide an extra layer of precision and reliability.

Automotive Interior Bezel Greasing

GP Reeves was tasked with dispensing grease in eighteen complex grooves of an automotive interior bezel. Our team developed advanced custom tooling to hold the part in place and ensure all of the grease material was dispensed in the correct spot. 

Automotive Bezel Precision Grease Microdots

When a manufacturer needed a system to apply small amounts of grease to automotive bezels, we delivered. We developed a custom nesting system that applied precision microdots to ensure exact lubrication volume for optimal performance of the interior car bezel.

Torsion Rod Dry Lube

This system was engineered to load a part into custom nests that could accommodate multiple part-styles. Several dispensers automatically fire invisible dry lube as they are marked with paint, drastically reducing cycle time by spraying all points simultaneously. The parts then drop through a hatch and land beneath a UV light for drying.

Dishwasher Mounting Plate Lubrication

Mounting plate lubrication is imperative to the assembly of a dishwasher. Our team of engineers utilized our standard dispensing products combined with a servo-driven rotary actuator to rotate the part. The system also utilized part in place sensing to initiate the each cycle.

Tackling Clean Energy: Battery Filling

We engineered a solution to accurately deliver battery acid into part components for an industrial battery system. Our custom dispenser, nozzle, reservoir, and sensor units were able to accelerate the ability of the manufacturer to create solutions for some of the problems facing the renewable energy sector.

Generator Oil Fill & Drain

The two concerns of many manufacturers during production is maintaining precision and reducing waste. With this GP Reeves system, our customer could have both. The system filled the engine for testing, and after completion, drained the oil and recycled it to be used again.

Thermal Grease With Custom Nozzle

Being able to control your material application is critical to achieve precision in your production. This dispense system provides reliable thermal management for an extra layer of control. With the innovative equipment we provided, we were able provide a consistent dispense at every step.

Semi-Truck Landing Gear Lubrication

Custom tooling helps production processes requiring accuracy in their material application. The tooling developed for this customer allows them to coat the shaft and lubricate the bushings for semi gear.

Manual Automotive Seat Greasing

A half-moon OD nozzle applies grease to lubricate springs for the automotive seat.  Custom tooling paired with GP Reeves dispense guns allow for a simple material application. Custom tooling allows grease to be applied during final assembly.

Steering Column Greasing

A GP Reeves spray nozzle with three individual tips lubricated all necessary grooves within the steering column. The nozzle was custom designed to ensure all customer specifications were met. Overall, this custom designed grease dispense system allowed for effective lubrication and higher product quality.

Automotive Headrest Greasing

For the lubrication of this headrest, our engineers designed custom nesting to hold the part in place during the grease dispense part. To verify the cycle stage of the dispensing process, a dome light was added to the system. This innovative automotive dispense system possessed automated nozzles which lubricated the headrest with accuracy and efficiency.

Empower The World — Battery Fill Innovation

A pressure pot from GP Reeves fed a custom tooling system we had created specifically for our customer’s battery apparatus. This system comprised of 14 diaphragm valves which were each paired with an innovative Keyence sensor to allow for proper integration with a system controller. Once a certain desired volume had moved past each individual Keyence sensor, the cutting-edge device would alert the controller to close its associated valve. This ensured an accurate amount of material was consistently dispensed and that the overall process was clean, efficient, and sustainable.

Crankshaft/Crankcase Greasing

Lubrication is imperative to the longevity of crankshafts and crankcases. Our team of engineers utilized our standard product combined with custom tooling that repeatedly lubricates the inner diameter of the crankcase as well as the outer diameter of crankshafts.

Kitchen Mixer Gear Greasing

Internal gear lubrication is imperative to the longevity of kitchen mixers. Our team of engineers utilized our standard product combined with a custom nozzle to dispense a significant amount of grease ensuring the part remains lubricated long term.

Sink Faucet Inner Swivel Lubrication

Inner swivel lubrication is imperative to the assembly of sink faucets. Our team of engineers designed a system that utilized our GSS Dispensers paired with custom nozzles. Our part-in-place sensors ensures grease doesn’t end up anywhere it shouldn’t.

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