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Grease Dispensing System Selection Guide

Follow the steps below to select the components for a production grease dispensing system.  Even though dispensers are adjustable, you will need to know the volume of grease for each dispensing point. To choose components for a system, follow S-P-D-N.
Select a grease pressure Source, Preparation items, the type and quantity of grease Dispensers required, and the Nozzles / snuff-backs / “End of Arm” valves to apply the grease to the part
To use a grease dispenser, you first have to get the grease out of the original container.  Prior to selecting a pump or cartridge system, you should decide how the grease will be purchased.  Common containers are:  400 lb. barrel (55 Gallon), 120 lb. keg, 35 lb. pail (5 Gallon), 18kg, 25kg, and 35kg.  We have single and double post ram pumps for the USA and metric size containers.
Auto-fill grease reservoir/regulators allow grease to be stored and also reduce grease pressure.
Manual Fill Reservoirs allow refilling several stations from a single portable pump.
FIFO (First In – First Out) reservoirs minimize separation of unstable grease 
Other less common choices include “Semco” cartridges and universal 14.5 ounces (grease gun) cartridges.  
Filters – A grease filter is strongly recommended when pumping from a pail or barrel.  Metal chips, foreign particles, and other debris can get into the grease, and if not filtered out, they can jam up the dispensing system, or even worse, they can become a part of your product.
Regulators – Some dispensers require a low pressure (less than 200 psi grease supply.  Because most air-operated pumps can not supply grease at low pressure, a grease pressure regulator or auto-fill reservoir is often needed to reduce the supply pressure to the dispenser(s).  
Accessories – A ball valve to shut off the grease supply ahead of the filter makes it easier to check and clean the filter element.  A pressure gauge is needed to confirm the regulator setting.
Small Output – GSS or GSSM for dispensing amounts less than 0.065cc (cubic centimeters).
Medium Output Low Pressure - GPMD10000 or GPMD15000 series for dispensing amounts from 0.02cc to 3.66cc.  GPMD2000 for dispensing amounts from 0.02cc to 7.31cc.
High Pressure – GPMD2000 series for .02-16.00cc.  GPMD3000 series for dispensing amounts from 6cc to 292cc.  
Advanced - AA– PLC controlled grease dispensers detect and reject air, and dispense grease at controlled rates for even distribution.  
Nozzles / Snuff-Backs / "End of Arm" Valves
Extrusion – We offer standard extrusion nozzles and custom engineered applicators. 
Spray - Air assisted grease spray nozzles to help deliver grease to the part in “challenging” applications. 
Snuff-back / “End of Arm” Valves - Snuff-back devices and end of arm valves help prevent oozing at the nozzle tip for cleaner applications.