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Hand Sanitizer Dispensers with Bulk Supply

Using our 49 years of dispensing expertise, we are providing an economical system to dispense something everyone needs right now: hand sanitizer. With the sanitizer included, these systems come ready to dispense. Bulk hand sanitizer can also be purchased from GP Reeves in a variety of sizes to fit your application requirements.

Our units will ensure that your employees have easy access to hand sanitizer, allowing them to reduce the spread of germs and continue working. The system uses a centralized bulk supply of sanitizer with industrial grade hand dispensers to service multiple people simultaneously. Each dispenser utilizes a touchless sensor to quickly deliver sanitizer and a drip tray to avoid a mess. Separating the supply from the hand dispensers reduces refill locations to one central location allowing the entire unit to remain as germ free as possible.

We are working to get companies back to work while protecting their employees. Our hand sanitizer dispensers are designed for a variety of locations including multi-person offices, entry doors, locker rooms, cafeterias, and complete production lines.

Features & Benefits

  •  – Touchless Dispenser: Hand sanitizer is dispensed by placing your hand under the sensor.
  •  – Simultaneous Service: System allows multiple hands to receive sanitizer from separate dispensers simultaneously.
  •  – Centralized Refill Location: One material source provides quick and easy refills to save time/money.
  •  – Turnkey: System arrives with sanitizer, ready to dispense – all you have to do is plug it in.
  •  – Flexible Container Sizes: Units can be adjusted to work with many container sizes.


  •  – Systems are available in multiple configurations with one sanitizer supply for multiple dispensers.
  •  – Multiple sized sanitizer supply options available ranging from 1 liter to 55 gallons.
  •  – Portability kit options are available to allow flexibility.

Industrial Model

This pneumatic system requires compressed air and 24 VDC at each dispenser.

With a supply range radius of 250* feet from the supply, and an unlimited amount of hand dispensers, this is a great option for all industrial settings.

Commercial Model

This all-electric system uses a single standard 120V outlet.

These systems come ready to dispense – all you have to do is plug it in. They are designed to be used in heavy traffic areas, such as entryways, locker rooms, or cafeterias.

Sample Configurations

Industrial system shown with four pnuematic dispensers and a seven gallon supply reservoir/pump. Dispensers located within 200/500* feet of the supply

Commercial system shown with three electric dispensers and a one gallon supply on a portable cart.

Quick Facts

Industrial Dispensers Features Commercial Dispensers
X Touchless X
X Industrial Grade X
X Turnkey X
Up to 60 Maximum Number of Dispensers Up to 10
200/500* feet from Supply Range 8/12* feet from Supply
Compressed Air @ 60 PSI Air Requirements None
24 VDC Power Requirements Standard 120 VAC Outlet

* Maximum distance depends on consistency of the sanitizer: 500 feet for liquid sanitizer and 200 feet for gel sanitizer.
** Maximum distance depends on consistency of the sanitizer: 12 feet for liquid sanitizer and 8 feet for gel sanitizer.

Download PDFs

Defense Dispense™ Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Cutsheet

HSL Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

HSG Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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Let’s chat about your specific application; we can help meet your hand sanitizer needs! These systems and materials are available to ship within 2 weeks. Give us a call at +1 616-399-8893 or contact us to start a conversation.