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Positive Displacement Dispensers for Moisture-Cure Materials


 – Base-mountable, air-operated, single-acting, adjustable, metered shot (piston) dispenser for moisture-cure materials
 – Accurate dispensing of 0.02 cc to 3.69 cc shots of (depending on model selected).
 – Positive piston displacement dispenser accurately delivers measured shots.
 – Oil sealed piston chamber protects material from curing for moisture-cure materials.
 – Oil level indicator shows when oil should be added
 – Change shot size quickly and easily using fine-thread adjustment screw with a lock nut.
 – Bases are available with from 1 to 8 stations and also with separate air inlets for independent operation.
 – Can dispense up to 40 times per minute at the maximum shot size.
 – Uses piston displacement to measure material and will dispense set amounts regardless of temperature.
 – Operate at 50 to 120 psi compressed air and 3-way NC Air Valve.
 – Operates with low inlet pressure (20 - 60 psi).


Base Part Numbers
GPMD12020 0.02 to 0.20 cc 36 to 1
GPMD12080 0.02 to 0.80 cc 12.25 to 1
GPMD12125 0.06 to 1.25 cc 11.56 to 1
GPMD12369 0.13 to 3.69 cc 11.76 to 1

Note: Basic part number must include at least one Option ID to be complete. The part number for a dispenser with no options will consist of the suffix -00 Separate additional options with dashes. GPMD10000 Series Dispenser options can be on the next page. Add SS to the end of the base part number to convert the dispenser body to stainless steel. For example: GPMD12080SS-00 is the stainless steel version of GPMD12080-00.

See complete part number example below:  (enter option numbers in order – lowest number to highest number). 

GPMD12080-02-03: GPMD12080 dispenser with two PNP stroke sensors and calibration scale.

Options Available for GPMD12000 Dispensers
00 No Options (dispenser will have a magnetic piston) Not Applicable - -
01 Single M8 PNP Stroke Sensor M8 DC Connector Yes (with track) No
02 Two M8 PNP Stroke Sensors
Two M8 DC 
Yes (with track) No
03 Calibration Scale Not Applicable Yes Yes
12 Two M8 NPN Stroke Sensors
Two M8 DC 
Yes (with track) No
15 Single M8 NPN Stroke Sensor
M8 DC 
Yes (with track) No
18 Analog Flow Sensor (0-10V)
M12 DC 
Yes No
22 Premium Seals for Use with Abrasive Material Not Applicable Yes Yes
26 Flow Sensor, Digital 24 VDC PNP/NPN, Analog 0-10V or 4-20mA (IFM Sensor) M12 DC Connector Yes No
27 Analog Stroke Sensor (0-10V Analog).  This option is used to confirm exact displacement for every dispense.  Not for use with other stroke sensor options. Not Applicable Yes No
28 Viton Seals (Rod seals, face seals, and check seals) Not Applicable Yes Yes

Notes: Each M8 stroke sensor requires a #0893 cord. Single stroke sensors will be factory set to recognize “dispense complete" message. Each flow sensor or M12 stroke sensor requires a #1850 cord.

MDM1000 manifolds have material inlet ports on both ends. Port size is dependent on part number. See chart to the left. Common air ports are designed for simultaneous operation while separate air will dispense independently.

MDM with Common Air
(No SA Option)

MDM with SA Option

Photos shown with GPMD10000, but GPMD12000 manifold mounting is identical.

MDM100X Manifolds
MDM1000-X Common 1/4" NPT 1/4" NPT
MDM1000-SA-X Separate 1/4” NPT 1/4” NPT
MDM1006-X Common 3/8" NPT 3/8" NPT
MDM1006-SA-X Separate 3/8" NPT 1/8" NPT
MDM1008-X Common 1/2" NPT 1/2" NPT
MDM1008-SA-X Separate 1/2" NPT 1/8" NPT

Notes: Blank station manifold kits are available as MDM1000-BS which includes a block, gaskets, and bolts. These kits will work for all three sizes of manifold. Manifolds can be also purchased with independent air supply by adding the SA option to the end of the part number. For example, the MDM1000-5SA manifold can hold 5 dispensers and each has an independent air port but common material port. The differences are shown above. Manifolds can also be purchased in a stainless steel version by adding SS to the part number. For example, MDM1008SS-5 is the stainless steel version of MDM1008-5.