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PLC Controlled Dispensers (Pneumatic Shot Meter)

The AA4 dispenser allows for PLC volume and rate control without the added cost of a servo. These are used for critical applications where the volume is critical, volume confirmation is required, accurate rate control is required, or recipe volume control is required. 
AA4 dispensers are designed for dispensing UV cure materials and feature blackout covers to block light where the rod is exposed. 
Manufactured under US patent number 6,053,285.


 – Blackout covers protects against UV curing in the dispenser
 – Solvent cup protects against moisture curing in the dispense chamber
 – Patented air removal process ensures only airless material is dispensed into your manufacturing process
 – Provide accurate volume & dispense rate control through positive displacement
 – Flow-through design reduces the pack out of material
 – Provides PLC volume confirmation



Part Number Format

[Base Part Number]-[Dispenser Size]-[Mounting Option]-[Port Option]-[Valve Options] 

Example Part Numbers

AA4-9-ST-1-PNP: AA4 with a volume range of .45-9cc, a standard mounting plate, a single output port, and an SMC1000 series valve stack with Sub-D connector.
AA4N-120-NOP-2-NPN: AA4 with a nitrogen blanket assembly, a volume range of 12-120cc, no mounting plate, two output ports and, an SMC1000 series valve stack with Sub-D connector, NPN.
AA4H-480HF-FL-2M-PN1: AA4 with a heated test chamber assembly, a high-flow output range of 48-480cc with a floor mounted aluminum extrusion stand, dual output ports with metric pneumatic tubing, and an SMC1000 series with PROFINET.
Base Part Number
Code Description
AA4 Base AA4 Dispenser
AA4N AA4 with nitrogen blanket for rod area to prevent moisture curing 
AA4H AA4 with a low temperature heating option
AA4 Series Dispensers
Displacement Size Volume Range Flow Rate
9 .45 - 9cc Low
27 2.70 - 27cc Low
120 12 - 120cc Low
120HF High
230 23 - 230cc Low
230HF High
480 48 - 480cc Low
480HF High
Code Description
ST Standard mounting plate
NP Narrow mounting plate
FL Floor mounted aluminum extrusion stand
NOP No mounting plate
Code Description
1 Single outlet port
2 Dual outlet port
1M Single outlet port with metric pneumatic tubing
2M Dual outlet port with metric pneumatic tubing
Code Description
PNP SMC1000 Series with Sub-D connector, PNP
NPN SMC1000 Series with Sub-D connector, NPN
EN1 SMC1000 Series with Ethernet IP, PNP
EN2 SMC1000 Series with Ethernet IP, NPN
PN1 SMC1000 Series with PROFINET, PNP
NUM1 Numatics valve stack, 5000 series, Sub-D connector
FST1 Festo valve stack, CPX series, PROFINET
F2 Festo valve Stack, VTUG Series