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Our answer to countless used cartridge valves being thrown away.
Protected under US Patent # 9494244 cartridge valves are used on many of our products including AA, GUS, Pump/GUS and many handheld dispense guns.

2-way, normally closed, air-actuated poppet valve, for use in SAE 8-2 and SAE10-2 cavity (depending on model).


Air pilot to open passage between port 1 and port 2.

The actuator is isolated from media section (cartridge) by a vent to atmosphere.


Media section (cartridge) capable of functioning with 3000 psi grease, oil, and similar media.

The actuator is easily removed from the cartridge and it can also rotate independently of the cartridge


Poppet and seat are lapped tungsten carbide for long life with abrasive grease

Air pilot pressure range is 50 psi minimum to 130 psi maximum.


Poppet seal and it's backup ring are easily replaceable after the actuator has been removed from the cartridge.