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GPMD air operated oil dispenser is positive displacement, MDM series manifold mountable, and can function with 100 PSI oil supply pressure. Single M8 PNP stroke sensor (has a short cord and M8 DC connector).  Factory installs only (W/ track).

Accurate dispensing of 0.02 cc to 6.20 cc shots of oil (depending on model selected). Positive piston displacement dispenser accurately delivers measured shots of oil.
Change shot size quickly and easily using fine-thread adjustment screw with a lock nut. Bases are available with from 1 to 8 stations and also with separate air inlets for independent operation.
Can dispense up to 40 times per minute at the maximum shot size. Uses piston displacement to measure oil and will dispense set amounts regardless of temperature.
Operate at 50 to 120 psi with 3-way NC Air Valve. Operates with low-pressure oil (up to 100 psi).