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How They Work:
Uses dual set-point pressure to confirm flow.  High limit confirms that the nozzle is not clogged.  Low limit confirms that grease was dispensed.  Pressure will not reach low limit if air is dispensed. 
Simple to adjust and program 
Digital readout aids in troubleshooting
Available as an option on GSS/GPMD10000
Does not work well with a lot of tubing or stored volume downstream.
Does not do well with viscosity changes
Does not do well with invonsistent dispense frequency. 
Does not do well finding small air bubbles. 



Part Number


Maximum Pressure


FS4009 **

Inline mounted (Requires included manifold), 10-30 VDC PNP (DC three wire)

1000 PSI

For use with low pressure and low flow systems.

FS4019 **

Inline mounted (Requires included manifold), 10-30 VDC PNP (DC three wire)

3000 PSI

For use with high pressure and high flow systems.

* FS sensors can be modified to include a NPN by adding a NPN suffix to the end of the part number. For example, FS3009 to FS3009NPN.
** Manifolds can be added by adding –X to the part number where an X is the port size. 4 = 1/4", 6 = “3/8” and 8 = 1/2”