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Definition: A ram is a pressure priming apparatus that forces grease into the foot valve (suction area) of a grease pump.


Pumps are available for all Metric and US pail, keg, and drum sizes. Common sizes are:

35 lb. (5 gallon)

18 kg

25 kg

30 kg

35 kg

42 kg

120 lb. (16 gallon)

400 lb. (55 gallon)

200 liter

Pumps are available with many control and hose options such as:

Automatic Empty Shut Off

Alarm panel

Low level sensor

Empty sensor

Extra long grease hose

Grease handle (gun)


Pressure venting on shut off

Portability Kit (casters)

Automatic air removal

Dual pump with auto-crossover

Pumps are custom assembled from components that we stock. We can often ship pumps within a few days.

For more information about grease pumps, see catalog pages 6 and 7 or contact us.

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